Dear potential customer,

Usual 1 – 2 days a month I get “my bad hair day”, and you just stepped on it by asking for “discount”.

It also usually comes with no introduction, not even an imprint in your mail, and most cases from some dubious gmail account, not to mentioned from a registered domain…

The questions arising for me are if I get ano-ny-mous Gmail messages:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your company about?
  • Why should I sell to YOU?
  • What benefit in the future will there be?
  • Why should I even bother doing relationships, sometimes called business, which dubious Jon Does @ gmail ?

So, to make it short, as you send me the usual “… discount” 5 words sentence, I will also send you this one line URL to this page…

You are dealing with a German business and German business owner. First: It’s considered rude to ask about discount without any form of introduction, hello or politeness. Our business etiquette is not based on bargaining first, and making deals later.

Some advice for dealing with German business: For your question about discount, which is seen rude and impolite in our country: always do business first. Later ask for discounts.

Compared to other “countries”, prices in our country are seldom made in the formula “base price + phantasy add on up” and then communicated to the customer in the formula “minus some discount” to make the customer “feel” they got a bargain.

However, discounts are generously given if bulk purchase or large volume is taken. So if you plan to “get some best price”, why not order in larger amounts? We will surely give you some discount in this case.

Some example: ask for a quote for 3 – 5 – 10 posts: and ask for a discount at this point.

Shady behaviour vs. business etiquette

And if you “step up” your attitude and upgrade communication and disclose business details, I would be happy serving you and having you as one of my valued clients. And yes, as person doing business is a business by itself. And a business at least hast a domain registered, a phone number to call and an real email to send and receive mails to. If not? I dont see yourself or your entity as real and very not worth my time. As all business is relationship, and time is money, spend those 30 seconds thinking about your personal representation.

So, if you came added some form of legal disclosure in your first mail, maybe introduced yourself in 5 words and are not sending from shady gmail-accounts, you can think about asking in the right way for discount.

Asking for discounts: Here are some examples, which you can also freely use as copy&paste

  • “Hello Alexander, thank you for your response, however, is there any discount available? Maybe if I order in bulk? Regards, XYZ?”
  • “Hello, and thank you for your time, can you offer any discount or price reduction? Best regards, XYZ”
  • “Hello, my name is XYZ and I am from the company ABC. As we usual order several times per customer, is there any discount possible for bulk orders? Best regards, XYZ

Why I judge our education system and not you

I myself spent four years at universities. You never really learned anything remotely tangible about economics or business management. So I understand where you are coming from and your position. Still, use it as free advice to do better in the future. A bachelor’s degree comes after 3 or 4 years maybe, a good advice can be be invaluable.

You still want cheap prices?

Fiverr will always be there for you.

You still want the most rotten sites on the planet www which decay after 3  – 6 months?

Feel free to look for “PBN” posts – but expect some very angry customers in futures.

However, we know our trade. I’m sure you understand now.

Best regards

Alexander Becker