Dear potential customer,

if you were asking for “discount” in this past, then this post is right for you:

You are dealing with a German business and German business owner. First: It’s considered rude to ask about discount. Our business etiquette is not based on bargaining first, and making deals later.

Some advice for dealing with German business: For your question about discount, which is seen rude and impolite in our country: always do business first. Later ask for discounts.

Compared to other “countries”, prices in our country are seldom made in the formula “base price + phantasy add on up” and then communicated to the customer in the formula “minus some discount” to make the customer “feel” they got a bargain.

However, discounts are generously given if bulk purchase or large volume is taken. So if you plan to “get some best price”, why not order in larger amounts? We will surely give you some discount in this case.

Some example: ask for a quote for 5 – 10 – 100 posts: and ask for a discount at this point.

Best regards

Alexander Becker